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For men and women who have been suffering from thinning hair, the thought of re-growing or regaining that hair can be extremely exciting.

A fuller and thicker head of hair can provide a wide range of personal, and even business, benefits. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that hair transplants are prohibitively expensive. Many men and women who are considering hair replacement options are surprised to find it can be remarkably affordable.

Here are some keys to making it affordable.

Consider all the options. Hair transplant surgery is just one of the many options available to men and women who want to restore hair.

You may be able to try the less expensive options before considering surgery. A hair transplant surgeon or hair replacement consultant can provide you with a full sense of all the options.

Ask about financing. Many physicians and many surgeries provide financing in-house. Some provide financing through a third party. Plus you can also consult with a financial professional about financing.

Check with your health insurance carrier. Many men and women who are considering hair replacement options are surprised to discover what their health insurance carrier can provide.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA). If you work for a company, one of the benefits can be a Flexible Spending Account—also known as an FSA. An FSA is essentially a type of savings account that provides specific tax advantages; through an FSA, you can contribute a portion of regular earnings to fund qualified expenses including medical expenses. Any funds in the FSA could be applied to hair restoration surgery or procedures. However, check with your tax professional first.

Consider the benefit of the investment. Yes—there's going to be a cost associated with hair replacement through a hair transplant surgeon. You can look at the procedures as a cost or you can look at the procedures as an investment. From a personal standpoint, it's difficult to 'price' the benefits of improved self-esteem that comes from a fuller head of hair. However, if you're in business, consider that a more youthful look could help you significantly in your profession or trade.

There are many factors to ponder when considering hair restoration. The cost/investment is one of them. And this factor should be taken seriously. One of the benefits of working with the experts at Mane Image? They will help you understand the costs and the ways to make hair restoration affordable.

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