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Technology has improved everything from making a telephone call to booking a plane ticket. Fortunately for those suffering from hair loss, technology has also helped hair replacement experts significantly improve the results they can produce for their patients who are experiencing hair thinning. While the results 20 years ago, and even 10 years ago, were often acceptable, today's results can be consistently excellent—for men and women.

Many patients want to know how to stop hair loss. Let's take a look at some of the hair loss treatment options available for people with thinning hair.

Hair Transplant Surgery

It's virtually painless and it's effective. The technique is called follicular unit transplantation and the end result is usually a full and natural hair restoration that may only require one treatment session. The hair replacement surgeon will determine the precise treatment procedure based on the needs and goals of the patient.

One method of hair replacement is Follicular Unit Extraction and Transplantation. The surgeon uses micro surgical blades to extract hair follicular units from healthy areas on the scalp. There are no lengthy incisions which means faster healing times and no linear scarring. The surgeon makes tiny 'punches' that are almost impossible for the naked eye to see. The surgeon then transplants the extracted hairs into tiny incisions in the areas that are balding or thinning. One key is using a tiny incision than can be as small as 65 mm in circumference. Hair is transplanted in densities of up to 40-50 hairs per square centimeter for a highly natural look. Full hair growth will be visible in about three months; complete results take 12 months. Results using the new technology in the Merrillville hair replacement clinic and northwest Indiana hair replacement clinic have been consistently excellent.

Many patients have hair replacement goals that are not related to their scalp. Patients are often concerned about body hair, facial hair, and eyebrow hair. There are hair replacement solutions for every patient. Hair loss can take place due to a wide range of causes including disease, medical treatments, nervous pulling, or trauma.

For body hair transplantation, surgeons perform the surgery on an outpatient basis. Hairs are precisely transplanted one by one using micrografting—to achieve a natural result. Once transplanted hairs grow into a position, they will not fall out.

Today, surgeons can restore the appearance of a beard, mustache, eyebrows, or other facial hair. The surgeon uses a microscope to transplant healthy hair follicles onto facial areas—where they would normally grow. Full growth takes place in about three months and patients will then have to shave—due to natural hair growth! A similar procedure is used for eyebrows and eyelashes. For eyebrow restoration, the surgeon will place 250 to 375 hairs into one eyebrow.

If you've been suffering from hair loss and you're looking to regrow hair, all of the above treatments are available at Mane Image. Contact Mane Image Hair Replacement Studio here for additional information.

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