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Five Signs it Might be Time to Get Help with Your Hair Loss

March 20, 2019

While it's common to expect some signs of hair loss in men as they grow older, most people don't stop to consider whether the same holds true for women as they age. In fact, many of us completely disregard the possibility of women experiencing signs of hair loss or baldness altogether, especially when it comes to our own hair. Even tell-tale signs of brittleness or weakening, thinner hair are often overlooked, despite their prominent warnings that something may not be quite right or of a bigger issue lurking.

The Seven Best Types of Hair Loss Supplements, and How They Can Help You

March 13, 2019

Evaluating hair loss supplements can be difficult. Fortunately, we've got a list of the seven best types of hair loss supplements, and how they can help you. All seven products are recommended and used by our hair restoration experts at Mane Image Hair.

Are You Prone to Hair Loss?

March 06, 2019

Hair loss is extremely common. The fact remains that some people may be more prone to it than others, leaving many wondering if they are likely to lose their hair. While every person loses a few strands of hair each day, some may be concerned that they are losing too much. Or, it may be that someone feels that their hair just isn't as thick or full as it once was. Let's take a look at some signs that indicate that you may be prone to hair loss, so that you know exactly what to look for.

Best Hairstyles and Solutions for Thinning Hair

February 27, 2019

Thinning hair is something that a great number of people experience. When this happens, you may feel the need to change up your hairstyle, however, you might not be familiar with some of the best hairstyles for thinning hair, or which one is right for you. Below, we will talk about hairstyles for both men and women that are best for thinning hair so that you can once again look and feel your best with confidence.

Does Minoxidil Really Work For a Receding Hairline?

February 20, 2019

Hair restoration for receding hairlines can be approached in many ways. For both men and women, our goal is provide the most effective treatment during the early stages to protect against further loss. It is important to find the best product that enhances your hair naturally. We recommend Minoxidil as topical treatment, since it stimulates follicle activity, resulting in strong and healthy hair.

Can Taking Zinc Help With Hair Loss?

February 07, 2019

When talking about the causes of hair loss, there are a lot of lifestyle factors to consider. Certain diseases of the thyroid and hormone fluctuations can cause hair loss in both men and women. Stress, trauma, and long-term illness can also result in hair loss. Sometimes, vitamin deficiencies or your body's inability to absorb certain nutrients can also play a role. Is Zinc one of these vitamins that may be causing trouble?

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