How Obesity Is Linked to Hair Loss

September 26, 2017
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Being obese can be devastating for your self-esteem and make you more likely to develop health issues. However, you may not realize that obesity is also linked with hair loss, which is medically known as androgenic alopecia. Here’s what you need to know about how obesity can lead to hair loss, along with how even weight loss and surgery can also be factors in hair thinning.

Trichotillomania Awareness: What to Know

September 13, 2017
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The month of September is both Alopecia Awareness Month and Trichotillomania Awareness Month. At Mane Image, we treat hair loss of all kinds in various degrees of progression, but we also feel it is our responsibility to educate our guests about different hair loss diagnoses. 

Alopecia Awareness Month

September 04, 2017
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September is Alopecia Awareness Month, so the team at Mane Image is striving to provide quality education for our clients. Alopecia is a fairly common cause of hair loss that many people mistakenly associate with being unable to produce any body hair whatsoever. While this drastic type of alopecia does indeed exist, it is the least common of several forms which affect the body's ability to grow hair. In this post, we'll discuss the different forms of the condition, its potential causes, and treatment options.

The Truth About Hats, Helmets, and Hair Loss.

August 28, 2017
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For years we have heard that wearing a hat or helmet on a regular basis can cause hair loss. Some people will avoid wearing of head gear of any kind because they believe this to be true. Let's talk about this belief, covering the facts as well as the myths about this commonly referenced phenomenon.

The Difference between Hair Shedding and Hair Loss: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

August 14, 2017
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If you have concerns about hair loss, you’re not alone. At Mane Image Hair Restoration Clinic, we take hair loss as seriously as you do—for example, to help you in your search for answers, we offer a free, online hair loss test to begin the process of giving you the answers you need.

Improving Hair Growth With Diet

August 07, 2017
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Since the Middle Ages humans have searched for natural ways to strengthen and improve the condition of their hair. While some ancient remedies (like the Greek practice of rubbing mashed onion onto the scalp before sleep each night) isn’t common nowadays, our ancestors were right about one thing...the foods we eat have a direct impact on our health and appearance. Whether it's the quest for shinier locks or a way to regrow thinning, weak, or brittle hair, the answer may lie in the foods we eat (or don't eat) every day.  

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