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Don’t Let Hair Loss Get You Down

April 13, 2014

No one understands the emotional roller-coaster and quality-of-life impact of hair loss like we do. Ultimately what we do here at Mane Image hair replacement center isn't about how many actively growing anagen hairs you have or the shape of your hairline. What motivates people to come through our doors is the hope that they can feel better about themselves in the regular moments of everyday life. Being part of that is what gets us out of bed and into the studio.

Hair-Raising Myths – True or False?

April 06, 2014

Before you start standing on your head or throw all of your hats away to prevent losing locks, take a look at a few hair loss myths we get to the bottom of.

Keep Cool During Chemo

March 30, 2014

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy that can be very overwhelming. While it can hurt the ego, it's also a constant reminder of illness. If you're treating cancer with chemo, you'll want to know about two cooling systems that may soften the blow of hair loss.

Home Remedies for Women’s Hair Loss

March 23, 2014

Many factors can play a role in female hair loss: genetics, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and even stress. Surgery isn't for everyone, so at Mane Image Hair Replacement Center we offer many non-surgical hair-restoration options, including drug therapy to block DHT, Viviscal to nourish hair, and DermMatch hair loss concealer. But if you want to do everything you can about your hair loss, it's important to consider the DIY options.

Hair Loss for Young People

March 02, 2014

Some people are expecting hair loss. That's because it begins by the age of 35 for about two thirds of men. Nearly 85% of men experience hair thinning or loss by the time they hit 50.

Everything you need, every step of the way.

February 23, 2014

When a woman starts losing her hair, the first thing she needs is usually someone to talk to. Talking to your family and friends is stressful, emotional, and kind of a big deal.

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